Holistic care


What is a holistic treatment?

Listening to mindfulness and solutions to the various physical, emotional or karmic sufferings you have.

The holistic approach is to take into consideration all physical, psychological and energetic aspects as well as body language, the release of emotional memories and the 5 senses.

How is the session?

The session generally begins with an awareness based on your level of personal development. The foundations of well-being and the causes of discomfort will be explained to you.

What techniques and methods used?

Depending on the needs, the treatment will be practiced by the Tui Na, facial and palmar reflexology, the Chinese mouthpiece and / or magnetism.

Some treatments can also be done remotely.

The method M.E.M.O.R. I.A. Chrysalide can you be taught to accompany you and make you independent.

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The energetic, emotional or physical manifestations can vary depending on each person.

These working and support methods are effective complements. However, they should be considered only as support methods in the context of medical follow-up.

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