Range RESON’ESSENS supports the method M.E.M.O.R.I.A. Chrysalid method pour mettre en évidence toutes les mémoires en résonance avec vos situations vécues ou trans-générationnelles, afin de vous en libérer.

What are harmonizers?


Plank energy harmonizers are an assembly of several waveforms.


It is an assembly of several layers of wave shape (sacred geometry). A very precise artisanal confection. Magnetized support of different information with intentions of love, emotional balance, etc.).

What effects to draw from it?


They are designed to help you have a restful sleep, tone kidney energy, discharge negative energies and revitalize: jewelry, stones, fruits, vegetables, water, plants, food supplements. Also useful for the well-being of your animals.


From the first seconds when you wear the energy resonance harmonizer, the energy will flow through you, the work has just started. Its particularity is to have a double polarity (a yin side and a yang side), which allows you to either transmit or receive energy flows by turning it. Ideal for working on the anchor or elevation to achieve a balance between sky and earth over time.

You will therefore be able to learn how to naturally free your memories and your limiting paradigms, stop the patterns of conscious or unconscious negative lives and finally feel your negative thoughts and emotions evaporate instantly to live in the present moment.

The harmonizer will be accompanied by the theoretical course M.E.M.O.R.I.A. Chrysalid method, downloaded PDF, and hands-on instructional video watched live with a private link. A check-up once a month is recommended to make you more and more independent.


The energetic, emotional or physical manifestations can vary depending on each person.

These working and support methods are effective complements. However, they should be considered only as support methods in the context of medical follow-up.


Possibilité de Personaliser les pendentifs

Conditions :

Les harmonisateurs pendentifs peuvent contenir soit votre logo SOIT votre enseigne ou grahique déjà constitué pour votre entreprise ou association.

LES FRAIS DE LA MATRICE sont offerts pour un nombre minimum d'achat.

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